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...Because Sometimes You Just Gotta Keep Going

My book, ...because i wrote my feelings, is out now! I am so excited about it. I promoted it heavy in the beginning, but (full transparency) I do tend to get lazy with the hustle and the doubt slowly creeps back into my space. Of course, that is never the way to handle things...especially if it's something you want so badly. So I have to keep going. Every time I start to feel like it's not working, I'm reminded of how much more important this is to me and how much bigger the impact of these books (and podcasts and videos and showcase) will be to the world and to people. I just feel a sense of legacy building with this venture.

The other day I was watching a tv show and it was almost painful to watch towards the end. It just wasn't good. There's no other way to slice it. And for a show of that magnitude to begin to fall downhill, in my opinion, it was a cause for concern. It was almost like the writers stopped trying. That was my reminder to not take the foot off the gas. Like I said earlier, this is bigger than me. I have a plan and it is my goal to see it through till the end. I would think most tv shows would follow that similar mindset. This year, however, I've seen two of my favorite shows become lackluster at best and dreadful at worst. It inspired me to continue to work my ass off to focus and fix and find better ways to tell stories.

I say all this because the goal is to keep going. Sometimes you just gotta keep going. Even if you don't feel like it. Keep Going. See it through. Commit and proceed.

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