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Faith Of A....

There comes moments in time when we feel the alignment of God working. It's so hard to explain how it feels though. It's one of those things where you just know and understand something in the background is guiding your steps. It's...serendipitous. No. It's divinity. That's how I feel. Without getting too much into detail, the next few months of my life will be different. But not at all in a bad way. In fact, it will be an amazing transition. When talking to Tauna about it, I told her, "I know the next couple months will be about waiting and preparing for the next few years, but I feel this urge of assurance that something is guiding me, and we will be better than alright." She said, "It's hard to not allow your mind to focus on the negative, but I believe too. God got us..."

You know what's crazy though? I don't even know what's in store for me. All I know is what I desire, what I'm focusing on, what I envision and what I pray on. And because of that, I'm given this tremendous level of peace in it. In fact, there are several things I'm striving for.

There are short term visions (like within 3 months) and my full on goals for the year. Now I will say, I am human AND a Virgo, so I tend to overthink plenty. But it's okay. Because my strength in the faith I have is much stronger than the overthinking tendencies. I believe my dedication to reading the Bible each morning plays a role in that. If you heard one of my previous podcast episodes, it was something my friend Angie Mitchell began doing because someone asked her to. It's been about 25 days now and I still read a verse a day. It makes me feel...needed and closer.

I believe this is a part of that Faith I talked about earlier. And I have faith in knowing the best is yet to come.


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