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How To KNOW What To Manifest - By Rene Aprahamian

I have heard this often from people in groups and in person. How do I know what I want? First off, there is NO wrong answer here; there never is a wrong answer. You do not need to dig deep or go extravagant in your desires. On the other hand, you are completely and totally FREE to do so. Keep in mind, YOU ARE GOD. You can manifest your very heart's desire or a small puppy for your child. It's all the same. The question isn't really what to manifest but what you think you deserve. If it is a matter of your worthiness that really bothers us then I get that, I get it very well. Our society is built on that way of looking at ourselves, and some are even taught what they believe/think/share doesn't matter. It's not right or proper. I say baloney, this reality is about YOU. It's time to delve into self-love by manifesting your best version based on what you Want!

I do have to say being treated as a spoiled brat my entire life, you might suppose it was easier for me. Of course lately I started to feel that being spoiled just meant I didn't really deserve all of my charmed life. So it didn't benefit me in that way. People actually put that thought in my mind and I went with it briefly. Thankfully I kept searching for something that resonated with me and came upon NEVILLE Goddard's teaching, they made the most sense to me and brought all my searching to a halt. When something resonates, it not only feels good but makes sense with other beliefs and thoughts that you are working with to start. So I felt it was worth a look for certain.

Believe me I get it. Research matters. How you feel about YOU matters, but getting past that doesn't have to take forever. Now, listening to At Your Command by Neville Goddard was the most eye opening audio I have heard. I recommend that as Manifesting 101. We have to get in that mood of realizing our Godhood to move into true manifesting, in my opinion. Listen on YouTube and then grab the free pdf with just a search. Make it your bible for manifesting. It's to the point and I tell you perfect to get you started,

Now that you realize your worth, make a list of your desires. It's best to just go for it; the good, the extravagant and the practical all matter to you. That is what is important.  From a raise at work to your favorite sports car, no judgments at all. Grocery list style, you can write these for example:

I received a raise.

I enjoy riding in my new Benz.

My kid passed first grade.

Those are all just examples. Make it like it's already done, because it is done. When I say put a date, I simply mean the date you wrote it down.  It is fun for to go back and see how things have come together over time. Many on the list have been forgotten and have certainly happened in the natural flow of life.  

These manifestations happen in the natural flow of life by the Bridge of Incidents. To clarify, the Bridge of Incidents is the time and things that occur from the moment you decide your desire is yours until you receive it in the 3D world. You see all is imagination, for it is our playground. So it is natural to assume what is yours NOW, because it truly is. Whether or not it is in your hands, your arms, your life or still inside your mind. Neville said "Humanity is here for the Hunger." That is the receiving of desires as well as the desiring, so this world is our playground of adventures. The sooner we realize it, the more fun and play we get to enjoy/experience.

 Another example of how I manifest includes talking to myself. This was something I hadn't paid attention to until a few months ago. I was standing in the kitchen talking to myself about some random topic, I honestly had not gotten into Neville at that point. It was just a conversation with me. It was lively and funny and I wish I knew what started it.  What happened was by the end of the day it came back to me in real life. In my conversation, I had mentioned being valuable as the Hope Diamond. I actually cannot be real specific, but I ended having a conversation with someone who had direct contact with the diamond. That happened the same day. They also said I was valuable to them. No, I never prompted them and really didn't think of it being what I had thought until I was in the car. At that time I was a bit spooked, to be honest.

 I still am fascinated how it all works but not so in the dark as I was before; I am a researcher to be clear and we are the Creator dreaming as us. I so love that analogy/truth/vision. At that time I thought it simply was this person and myself were on a common wave length though really we were not. I can confirm that. However the flow of the I AM that is in him is in me. That was the commonality. Now, having studied more on the manifesting I see for sure that it is natural for us; even just being alive qualifies you for your most Amazing Desires.  #claimyourinheritance #creatorsrus

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