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How to Manifest Your Best Life by Rene Aprahamian

I am very interested in people understanding who they are in this reality. I believe it has been represented as something that it is not, that is solid and non-changeable. However it is the direct opposite. If ever in doubt about something in life, you can basically assume it's the opposite of that. Kind of joke but true. YOU as a human creator can change everything. You can change how you look, who you love, your bank account balance, your family and your friends. I mean everything down to the fingers and toes on your favorite pet. It may seem extreme, but hold on with me. You and your reality are equal to the I AM of it all, remember the first article.  

As I mentioned before, my favorite way to make changes is by creating assumptions.  Assumptions are simply things we assume. We live in a world of assumptions. When you sit in a chair, you assume it will hold you. Have you ever sat in a crooked wobbly chair and the entire time you assumed it might fall apart? What happened? It did and you ended up on the floor.  Now someone else who was more confident that the chair would work for them even though it was a bit wonky would have easily sat there long enough that no problems happened. This is an odd example but we see this working all around us all the time.  One person darts across the street with no worries in front of a car, the person with a bit of a slowness and unsurety behind him doesn't make it. Yes, it's mindset at play here, your self doubt will work against you every time. Confidence and self assurance wins the day because of the assumption they cannot fail. Some call it arrogance but whatever you call it, it still works. 

Back to law of assumption. So as a procedure, write down your desires by presuming them as true. Make a list every day as in the flow of consciousness. Say for example you may be new at this so try something like "I received a cup of tea/coffee/soda..." Whatever you might like. Or if you feel more confident, write "I received an amazing raise at work. It was the perfect time..." Even still try something bigger. "I won a large sum of money and it feel so good to be ahead in my bills..." Time limits can work. I would say that is more advanced, but allowing things to happen after you write your list is important. It might take minutes, hours or weeks. This time period has been named the Bridge of Incidents. These are just examples. You be you and make it as large or small as you like. Daily lists are fun. I use dates and sometimes go back and check things off the list. I have so much manifesting happening right now I honestly can't keep up with my lists sometimes. When you get in the flow and realize you are the operant power in this world of YOURS, you can make any sad day a happy day with a thought. 

Other ways to manifest on purpose:

Use visualizations on the way to sleep. Imagine whatever your wish is happening at this very moment and create a quick scene in your mind of someone congratulating you on this thing you desired having already happened.  For example: "Yes it's true, thanks. I did get that raise. I appreciate your congrats...", You would say to your friend, (in your mind) and the other person echoes what you say back to you. Do this a few times before sleeping. This time between sleep and awake is a great time to impress your mind with these realities.  Your imagination is just as real as this 3D world, you will see how natural it all comes together. 

Your imagination is your workshop, where you create worlds and realities for you. It's always best to make the best of this power that is given to us thinking beings. Oddly enough, before I ran into Neville Goddard and his law assumption, I had fallen in love with Wallace Wattles' the Science of getting Rich. It's the same topic but what I loved most about this book (and I always remember it) was this: "Even if it takes one thousand men for your desire to happen, it will happen, just stand still in the faith." It doesn't have to take a thousand men or even that much time, the point is always that your desire is always YOURS to have. No one can take it from you. It was birthed in your version of the I AM flow of consciousness. 

Remember this is not law of attraction, so no vibrations or staying positive is required.  Hold your faith that what you do is real and live in that end. That is how life and manifesting works.  

Until next time, enjoy the fun of this reality by creating your best life. 

France Aprahamian (Rene)

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