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I Mean..What's The Worst That Could Happen?

I believe the world will be categorized into two sections: those that did something about the time they had and those that didn’t. Those that saw this time as an opportunity and those who didn’t. Those who chose to work on a skill, craft, hobby or side hustle and those who didn’t. I heard somewhere choosing your mental health is more important than learning some new skill or hobby...but isn’t that a part of your mental health too? Opening up your mind to new things? I think it’s fair to say that would make happiness in your heart.

In the beginning I subscribed to the notion, “don’t do anything. Your mental health is very important in these trying times.” While I am understanding that sentiment completely, I also believe in the idea of an idle mind being the devil’s workshop. If I keep myself active with meditating, exercising, running then I won’t spend most my time watching news, binge watching or playing around on social media. I read somewhere the habits we develop during this time will be the same habits we carry back into our normal lives. I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a new trait, skill or side hustle added back in my normal life. If we complained before we didn’t have enough time because of work, what will be the excuse once we are back to normal? I wonder how many people will kick themselves in the ass because they didn’t take advantage of this time to create something amazing.

Look, I believe in the idea of ensuring your sanity and happiness come first. And I also know there is no time limit to the amount of time it takes to make sure you’re okay. All I’m saying is there comes a point where we have to ask ourselves, “what did I learn from all this?” If you can’t come up with anything that will make your overall well-being better, then I believe you have missed out. And again, a huge part of making your mental health and brain is great is by introducing something new to it.

Besides, what’s the worst that can happen?


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