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Luck?? Nah...Favor.

I can say I'm a runner now. Well, more of a jogger/Walker/runner. Although it's dependent on the mood, I'm outside more times than naught nowadays. Given this situation with social distancing and the "new normal" of physical isolation and such, I needed to figure out a way to continue staying healthy. Sure, I can do exercises at home, which I do, but being in the house all day has its detriments. So I decided to utilize the walk trail in our community. It's two full miles and surrounded by trees and lakes and quite pretty scenery. So I said "why the hell not.." the first couple days were brutal, of course because I hardly did cardio. But as I continued to walk it, something strange happened.

I began to think more clearly.

One of the thoughts that kept coming to mind was how grateful I am of everything happening in my life. There are a lot of people going through some situations right now that are very difficult. This global phenomenon is completely unprecedented. And hard decisions are being made. I heard someone say recently they're lucky it's not happening to them...well news flash, it's affecting all of us. Whether we are blessed enough to have jobs or not, we are all reeling from this in our own ways. But I will say favor has allowed me to say I'm grateful.

About 6 months ago, I was in a rough space financially, emotionally and physically. However, spiritually I still believed in something amazing happening. I sat back and asked God "okay, I'm in shambles, but I know better is ahead. What should I do?" And it came to me. "Focus on your home. TmP will be there waiting for you.." So that's what I did. I focused on fixing things in my home. I also took that as not only my immediate home, but my extended homes (like friends, loved ones, relatives). I have pretty much been a loner for a long time, but I began being more of support for those people. Because I felt like it was needed. And I wouldn't sacrifice or jeopardize my home life. So I did. And I'm glad I did.

I came to that realization as I was running this morning. You see, I cannot say I'm lucky enough to be in a better spot than before. Had I been in the same space I was 6 months ago, I would've collapsed by now. But I am stronger now for myself and everyone else around me. That's God's favor. God was setting things up in my life to protect me and my family from what's happening now. And like I said before, it affects us all. I am not blind to how terrible this is, but I am thankful enough to be placed in a position to help my family and friends in need.

So I will say this to you on this amazing Easter Sunday, if you are blessed enough to help someone in need, do so. It doesn't have to be monetary. It could just be a phone call to make sure they're okay, allowing them to vent about this. It could be a few rolls of toilet paper (which I still don't understand why people grab that over vitamins and supplements but I digress). Whatever you can to help, please do so.

I love you all.


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