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Manifesting For The Modern Age by Rene Aprahamian

To manifest is to some how predict or create a situation in your thoughts before it happens in the 3D world.  For instance, this is also considered inner conversations or talking to yourself on one level.  I recall several times having conversations with myself and on that same day I ended up in situations where my inner conversation was a reference.  I did not plan it. It simply happened in the flow of my life.  I find in manifesting that is the most natural form, at least for me.  Now, there have been other times those same inner conversations were created by me for a purpose and worked just as easily.  Have you heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy?  Yes this gift is also the very same, so watching what you think, feel and desire is important. 

This gift is something we as human beings is fully capable of exploring without instruction.  However, in our modern society, the majority of our world is not taught of this skill in their formative years.  Instead we have such basics as reading writing and arithmetic, we all know those are needed in life.  However the skill to use your mind/thoughts and emotions to move into a space where your every desire becomes real are not the basic topics approached in education.  

In order to move into that manner of thinking we have to usually step into what some might call the OCCULT.  Now the occult is not normally considered an every day genteel conversation topic.  I would say based on your background you may have been heavily warned against it as I was having been raised in the Methodist Church.  It took me until about ten years ago to understand that not only was the supernatural realm a real thing but we as humans are ourselves a part of that realm. 

Let me explain. 

As a human we have a vessel, the body, and an inner being, the spirit. We are actually hybrids.  To be more specific, our essence cannot fully be contained within our bodies because it is a powerful agent of our previous realm of existence...the All That IS.  Before we came to earth we were without our vessels which might answer a few questions for some. 

I don't want to get too technical as even though this is truth, the science of it all can get detailed.


I can tell  you that once you realize the power of yourself, that you are with the All That IS.   The difference is that the vessel you wear creates the limitations that come with being in this physical realm. It makes so much more sense.

What makes sense? 

How you can proclaim a thing and have it happen.  YES, the old church saying, Name it and Claim it was real all this time. That is another term for Manifesting.  Our manifesting power can literally create your every desire really as easily as you believing that it is the truth, and having faith in that very belief for your Desire.  Your Desires are divine and fully available to you at all hours of the day or night. 

Thanks for reading. Next time we will go into various techniques you can use to have your hearts desire. 

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