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She Phases T. Riley

If my behavior has shown that I am the odds that are against us, please be patient.

It’s not my heart that’s doing these things,

It’s my mind that wanders to all the wrong places,

Shoulders that carry chips,

Eyes that have bore witness to many tragedies.

Leave my heart out of this for our sake,

Let her be the standing force,

Take her arms that can shield away anything and wrap them around you.

My stomach isn’t knotted and twisted in fear,

It’s just confused of why butterflies are trapped on the inside,

It would be so much better to see them like the future,

How do I know these are butterflies and how do I know you will be here next year?

That would surely put my mind at ease.

But my heart’s not the one asking all these questions,

It’s my skin that finds discomfort in these phases of growth,

My feet that’ve forgotten their direction,

But the butterfly doesn’t let life phase her,

She phases life.

Nourish me in my ugliness,

Wrap me up in your love and be patient,

And I’ll change.


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