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Stop For A Second!

Rushing to another store, I decided to make a quick stop to Panera bread to grab a bagel and get back on the road. While waiting on my favorite cinnamon crunch bagel, I asked the cashier about a new menu item, the 10 vegetable soup. She said “It’s really good but I don’t know what’s all in it. I’ll get you a sample”. Of course I said yes, because I’m not passing up free samples of anything. She handed it to me as I received my bagel. It was absolutely divine. She said “I told you, big girls know their food..”

As I was leaving from Panera, I stopped halfway to the door. I remembered something my horoscope said earlier. You never take time to be in the present. There is always something going on which will cause you to miss the best things, which is right now. I turned around and asked the cashier to order me a 10 vegetable soup. She said “I knew you’d want it. Would you like it for here or to go?” I thought about it for a second, then said “Lemme eat it here. I want to enjoy it.” “Good choice”, she smiled as she rang me up for what ended up being an amazing lunch. A quick 4 minute run to Panera ended up being 30 minutes of calm and present. I have to tell you, it felt so good.

Moral of the story, stop what you're doing for one brief moment and enjoy what's around you, or in my case, what's in front of you.


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