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The Beauty of Friends That Give A Damn

It's amazing to know I have friends that value my well-being and want to see my success. Maybe it has something to do with how much I value their well-being and want to see their success. It's not because I expect something in return. It's because I really want us all to achieve something greater than the circumstances surrounding us. We are all unstoppable in our perspective endeavors. My goal in all of this is to ensure they know they are. Simply out, I pour into them so they can in turn pour into someone else. It's intended to be a vicarious cycle. And it's a cycle I am definitely interested in pushing forward.

This past weekend I was able to accomplish a goal I had set for myself prior to going home. My goal was to meet with my friends that matter to me and that will uplift me to keep going. I don't care what anyone says: you need reassurance of the strong successful person you are. And having people around me that will subconsciously ensure that reassurance is an amazing feeling. I trust their words. I trust their actions. I trust them. Because they trust me.

I thank you all for keeping me inspired to keep pushing this beautiful thing I call success. And I am grateful to be a part of the beautiful things I can assist with. My circle is small, but powerful.


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