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The Simple Cycle Of True Friendship

While rummaging through some old pieces of work, I stumbled upon this. It was written back in 2013, but coincidentally I was feeling this exact way this morning. My thoughts are very much the same as they were 7 years ago...

For the most part people know me as a guy that is always happy. They see me as the one guy that always has a positive outlook on everything.  Believe it or not, what some don't realize is that this demeanor took years to build up to and is very difficult to maintain. Given the world we live in today, it's so easy to think negatively because that's what surrounds us nowadays.  I get my strength from people around me; a very small circle of friends I can truly feel privileged to call.  At one time I would think having a large number of friends would make me happy, but as time progressed (and my brain began to mature) that large number would dwindle down to a very select few group of individuals I can truly count on when my negativity meter is in the red.  The most interesting (not to mention random) thing is some of these folks are very recent in my life.

No one ever said the company you keep should be longtime acquaintances or grade school buddies.  As long as he or she makes a positive impact in your life then it shouldn't matter the length of time you know them.  When I'm down and out about something, I call on my circle.  They keep me positive and focused on my goals that I desire to accomplish with the stories of their ambitions and aspirations.  No situation is ever perfect, though.  Sometimes they backslide or feel down and need a pick me up from me.  Often looked upon as a motivational counselor, they come to me when they feel weary with negativity and I simply give insight on the situation.  I spread some of my experience and wisdom to them to get them motivated to get back on the path to success.  I love doing that.  

It's the cycle of true friendship.

Love you,


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