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The Sun Touches The Edge Of T. Riley

The Sun Touches The Edge of Texas

Ascending above the clouds as the edge of Texas faded out into the gulf.

His gravity gives in a little to let me go, but his sun follows me home.

Like the memories I made with him, and the kisses I kept on my lips.

I can still feel his eyes upon me when the heat of the south hits my face.

His hands are still in my hair when the wind brushes up my neck and into my silk press.

The Sun touches the edge of Texas like no other place,

Her smile glistens off of the waters and he roars at the shore with waves of passion.

Gravity kept him here and the clouds sent her home with me. I never go kicking and crying, I’m always content.

I know that when the Sun touches me, she touches the edge of Texas too.

When the Sun awakens me, that she shines through his window and onto his face too.

I am The Sun, and he is The Edge of Texas.

And in those characters we’re never truly apart.

T. R.

*This wordplay is inspired by the EP Texas Sun, by Khruangbin ft. Leon Bridges, which can be enjoyed below on Spotify as well as other streaming platforms.*

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