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Time...By Ebony Marquis

While reading Ephesians 3 with my fellow sisters in Christ, this is what was revealed to me. The actual verse we focused on was Ecclesiastes 3:11, but I read (re-read) the entire chapter.

This passage of scripture makes me think of why we are all here and what we do with the time we are given. We seem to always focus on the past or the future instead of the right now. To some, time is a distraction when we focus on what happened in the past or when we fear the future.

Each one of us has been given gifts, talents and abilities to use for God's glory. It's what we do now, with those gifts that matters most. The time we are given should be used to grow closer to God and truly become the women/men of God that He created us to be - which is my daily prayer. We should strive not only to be better, but to make those around us better.

If you could do one thing each day that was able to reflect the love, grace, joy or peace of God.... How much better would that time be?


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