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Working Hard At Working Hard

I've been working so hard on the V.O.I.C.E. Series (the name of the trilogy of books coming real soon. What's funny is self-doubt will begin to kick in and say, "Ain't nobody gonna buy it. Don't even bother putting them out. It's a stupid idea..."

But then I grab my sheet of reasons from my wallet, read to myself why I'm doing this, read the end goal I have for this entire project and put on my #KeepGoing wristband. I fight through the mental pain.

The fear and self-doubt still shows his ugly head every once in a while but when the feeling of being attached to something that is bigger than you is so strong, nothing can stop it.

So to all my creatives who are out there struggling mentally with something they KNOW is bigger than them, or even the everyday folks who feel their goals are taking too long to achieve, keep going. 

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