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Writing...not just because.

I love to write poetry.

But I'm so different when it comes to writing. I only write when I feel like it....not when it's a requirement. So I guess you won't ever hear me saying I write everyday to get the gist. It's just not my makeup. But enough about me, here's another cool poem...just something that inspires me, and hopefully, inspires you.

I felt lost, before I begin to find

the trueness of my being, which is in my mind.

Focusing on negative and downplaying success,

removes the ability for me to progress.

But I'm writing down what makes me happy

whether it's love, success or whatever else sappy.

because I truly believe the mind changes the mood

and I will feed it the necessary brain food.

that means, reading, challenging myself and opening my mind

to things that will ultimately define

my raison detre, my purpose, my reason for being,

my satisfaction, my hustle is all that i'm seeing.

So without further ado, I present to you, eric lewis

someone who changed, into something most truest.

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