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You Owe Me Nothing...

When it's all said and done in this glorious world of ours, who do we really owe anything to?

Let me get a little more detailed with this.

The question one needs to ask themselves is "Am I a contribution to the societal norms of today?" If not, then "What can I do to make a stamp in this world?" I really don't believe anyone wants to do nothing in life. Owe nothing in life. Present nothing in life. Be nothing in life. That shit is a haunting feeling, well at least for me, knowing life is passing you by without anything or anyone to remember who you were or what you were able to contribute to the world.

Everyday the creative feels this way. There's a feeling of not doing enough to be remembered in this world. Hence the reason for the constant creation. If you are a creative like me, then you understand the need to do more...and that enough isn't being done. It sucks ass. But it's a great feeling to know when something you carved out of thin air is presented to the world for people to enjoy.

So you owe me nothing...but your eyes and ears...and your heart.

With Love,


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